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Hi everybody and welcome back to Love English.


I&39;m a British University English teacher.


So it is of course cricket season.


And this year the World Cup is in England.


I&39;ve got lots of followers from India, Pakistan.


So I&39;re going to look at ten of these idioms that all originally come from cricket.


And these idioms are really common in everyday British conversation.


In fact, before I became a cricket fan, I used to say these idioms without knowing what they actually meant in cricket.


So they&39;re not a cricket fan.


These are going to be so useful as we use them all the time in everyday British conversation.


Let&39;t already guys, then make sure that you subscribe to us click that notification bell so you don&39;ve lived a long life and they&34;it&34;, meaning they had a good time, they enjoyed their time.


Just like we would in cricket say if somebody has played well that they had a good innings.


So an example sentence would be, &39;d had a very good innings.&39;s always being considered a gentleman&34;well, that&34;, this means that something isn&39;s not cricket”,这意味着有一些事变不公正拉。

Something about that situation is not fair.


An example sentence would be, &39;t believe management would behave like that.


Number three is: to hit or to knock someone for six. This is certainly a phrase that I use very often.

第三是to hit or to knock someone for six(使惊呆)呀。这是我常常运用的一位短语啦。

So &34;, you cricket fans out there will know that six is the highest score.

to hit or to knock someone for six,他们这一些板爱好者会晓得6分是最高分呢。

And so the opposing teams are going to be very shocked if the batsman hits a six.


So this is literally what it means, the idiom means to be very shocked by something, to be overwhelmed by it.


If we say &34;, it&39;s more used in a negative way.


So when we receive negative information or something negative happens to us, that we find very shocking we might say, &34; Now an example sentence would be, &34; Don&34;一位例句是,“当莱拉告知我他要走开爱英语时,我大吃一惊了。&39;s not leaving but, of course, if she did say that it would really knock me for six.


So great example there.


Number four is: to be bowled over.

第四是to be bowled over(信服;惊讶)啦。

Of course, in cricket, this means that the bowler has bowled the batsman.


Something that he can&39;s bowled over, perhaps even fallen over or lost his footing.


So how we use this in everyday conversation?


It&39;s something that has really shocked us.


This can also be a positive thing.


It can be positive or negative.


We can say I was bowled over by my pay rise.


I really didn&39;s something that is surprising or shocking.


But it&39;s what a wicket is in cricket.


So if we say we are on a sticky wicket, it means we&34;you&34;, a situation that involves risk.

最合适的词应当是 you&39;re in a situation where potentially you could lose your job, you don&39;re feeling very insecure.


You could say,&39;m on a sticky wicket here you know I don&39;m in a safe situation.&39;ve certainly used this phrase many many times.

您能够说,“我而今处境困难,您晓得我不以为本人处于平安的田地呢。&39;s a great one to use &34;, to be in an awkward or insecure situation.

因此运用“to be on a sticky wicket”是一位很好的用法,意义是处于难堪或者不平安的情形啦。

The next one is: to be stumped, to be stumped, which in cricket is one of the ways which you are caught out.

下一位是to be stumped(受困),这在板活动中是您被捉住的方法之一呀。

So one of the ways that a batsman is out.


Now to be stumped really means to be surprised to have no idea how to solve the problem.

be stumped,确实是惊叹于不晓得怎样解决题了。

If we say &39;m stumped on that one&39;ve got no idea how to fix this or I&39;m stumped on that one(我在这一个疑上被难住了)”,咋们的意义是我不晓得怎么样处理这一个疑,或许我对怎么样向前开进感觉迷惑了。

I&39;t know what to do, you can say &39;m really stumped on this one,&34;hmm, you&34; An example sentence would be, &34; Number seven is: to do something off your own bat, to do something off your own bat, meaning to do something that you want to do.

因而,假如您发现自己处于1种迷惑的田地,您不晓得该怎么办,您能够说“我确实被这一件事难住了”,或许不过“嗯,您把我难住了”了。&34;谈到第三个条件句时,很多學生感觉很迷惑呢。”第七是to do something off your own bat(自愿地去作.自立地去作一件事),意义作一些您我想作的事了。

Nobody is pushing you to do this.


You do it out of your own desire.


So to do it off your own bat, nobody has pushed you into this you do it because you want to.


So an example sentence would be, &39;t have to push her into going.&34;to catch someone out.&34;八是to catch someone out(马上捉住某些人)呀。固然,这是击手出局的1种方法,您能够获得一位三柱门呀。

So if you catch someone out, the idiom actually means that you find them out on something.

假如您 catch someone out,这一个成语实际上意味着您发觉了你们呢。

So it&34;no, I&34; or it could be vice versa but a guy thinks a girl is cheating.


But then actually a friend sees him or her with another girl or boy kissing them and takes a photo.


So there you would be able to say, &39;ve been caught out you said you weren&34; So there that would be to catch someone out so to find that they&39;ve made a mistake.

因此在那边您能够说,“您被发觉了您说您有无不忠,但看看这张照片拉。”那便是 catch someone out,发觉你们做错了什麽或许你们犯了一位差错呢。

Number nine is: to throw someone a googly.

第九是to throw someone a googly(给某些人一位欣喜)拉。

The equivalent in American sports and in American English would be, &34;.

美国和美国英语中的对等词是 to throw a curveball呀。

Now in cricket, this means when a bowler throws a ball which spins in the opposite direction to what the batsman expects.


So he is surprised.


So when we say &34;, we present someone with information or a situation which is surprising for them.

因此当咋们说 to throw someone a googly 时,咋们给某些人供给了令你们惊叹的信息或者情形了。

They are taken aback by this or even discombobulated.


And you would know the meaning of that guys if you&34;Dave really threw Jane a googly when he said that he wanted to go on a date with her.&39;re pushed into a weaker position.

to be on the backfoot 意味着处于一位较弱的地位,或许从一位较弱的地位最先,或许不知何因您被推到一位较弱的地位了。

For example, in cricket, if a batsman steps forward to hit the ball, usually he&39;s on his front foot.


But if he has to step backward onto his back foot, it&34;he&34;, meaning in a weaker position.

因此 he&34;oh, he&34;, it means he&39;s got off to a bad start perhaps.

假如咋们说,“oh,he&39;ll use this to talk about another sport could be, &39;s early goal put Manchester on the back foot.&39;s high run rate put Australia on the back foot.

一位很好的例句,咋们将用他来议论另一项活动,“利物浦的初期进让曼联处于下风了。&39;m supporting England.


Enjoy cricket season everybody.


And if you&39;ve also provided a link to test your cricket vocabulary knowledge which is on the English club website.


And it&39;ll see you soon on Love English.





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